NuSkin Return Policies & Guarantees

It is important to note that products purchased through third party reseller sites fall outside of our authorized channels and therefore prevent the purchaser from using our product return policy or product guarantees. When a product is sold through an authorized Nu Skin distributor or directly from the company, the customer is provided with a generous return policy. Many of our products also include specific guarantees. Neither the return policy nor product guarantees can be redeemed if the product is purchased outside the approved sales channels.

Expired Products

In addition to counterfeit products, oftentimes expired products are sold through third party channels. In these cases, the customer rarely has a recourse to return or exchange the product with the unauthorized seller.

Counterfeit Products

An unfortunate reality facing many successful global companies is when their brand is counterfeited or “knocked off” by unscrupulous individuals or organizations. Through the years, we have discovered products being sold under the guise of the Nu Skin name that were not actually Nu Skin products. Products sold on the third party reselling sites listed above are often heavily discounted when compared to the actual price of the product sold from Nu Skin. Customers who purchase these products put themselves at risk of not knowing what kind of product they are getting. Counterfeit products often contain ingredients different from what is listed on the label, including contaminates and other potentially harmful substances.